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Foundation Staff

The Summa Foundation supports patient care, medical education and research through philanthropy. The staff is always ready to assist you or answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Summa Foundation
525 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44304
(P) (330) 375-3159
(F) (330) 375-3012

Ferrara, Phylis
President and Chief Development Officer
(234) 312-5888
 Mark Summa Foundation Cotleur, Mark
Vice President, Development
(330) 375-6791  cotleurm@summahealth.org 
Adey, Amanda
Foundation Administration Specialist
(330) 375-7375 adeya@summahealth.org 

Bame, Kathleen
Senior Development Officer, Gift Planning

(330) 375-6356 bamek@summahealth.org
Blevins, Linda
Executive Staff Assistant
(234) 312-5868
Cummins, Brenda
Director, Foundation Administration and Community Engagement
330-375-7064 cumminsb@summahealth.org
Dangel, Jo
Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship 
(330) 375-7651 dangelj@summahealth.org

Ford, Janna
Supervisor, Advancement Services
(330) 375-4890 fordja@summahealth.org
Green, Shelley
Development Officer, Annual Giving
(330) 375-6891 greensh@summahealth.org
Guregian, Elaine
Development Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations
330-375-6641 guregiane@summahealth.org
Niki Hawk Summa Foundation Hawk, Nikki
Development Officer, Corporate and Strategic Funding
(330) 375-3548  hawkn@summahealth.org 
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Hernandez, Mary M.
Administrative Assistant - Fundraising

(330) 375-6935  hernandezmm@summahealth.org
Hnat, Laura
Director, Communications and Donor Relations
(330) 375-6357 hnatl@summahealth.org
Hudson, Jessica
Development Officer
(330) 375-4762 hudsonj@summahealth.org
Janini, Kathryn
Senior Writer 
(330) 375-6620 janinik@summahealth.org
 Kathy Kochanski Summa Foundation Kochanski, Kathy
Communications Specialist
(330)375-3530   kochanskik@summahealth.org
Lorenzon, Heather
Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations
(330) 375-7840 lorenzonh@summahealth.org
 Diane Maffei Summa Foundation Maffei, Diane
Foundation Data Analyst
(330) 375-3873
Sampson, Terrie
Director of Development Operations
(330) 375-4288 sampsont@summahealth.org
Swegan, Amy
Development Officer
(330) 375-7511 swegana@summahealth.org
Yang, Mailor
Foundation Specialist, Advancement Services 
(330) 375-7690
Ferrara, Phylis
President and Chief Development Officer
330-375-6566 ferrara
Summa Foundation